We love apps!

Levchuk Effect


We at Levchuk Effect want to make people happy. What can we do to make people happy? Provide enjoyable apps to people that love enjoyable apps!

It sounds so easy, but nevertheless we at Levchuk always want the best for our customers, and that's why we work hard to satisfy our customers.


Now that we are about to launch our new product that only recommends you a new app in the internet when many other users rated the app to be one of the best, we hope to take the next milestone in our young but exciting company history. As always, our customers decide, and that's whats counts in the end.


But not having finished this milestone yet, our great team already has the next sexy ideas, to make you sexy! Yes, you're right, it's a marvelous fitness app. Of course, more we won't tell at the moment. But stay tuned to our announcements, and of course, if you get our app recommendation app, you'll be kept posted.